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Empowerment of Oneness Coach

Remembering who you are as a Spiritual Being

Jerry Yusko is a gifted healer with over 30 years of experience in his field. He works as an Empowerment Coach to help his clients reconnect to their true spiritual essence. He is extremely clairvoyant and uses his readings and insights to guide his clients through their emotional blockages and past life trauma. He teaches them to become stronger and more pure in their Higher Self-identity to help them develop and increase their manifestation power. He has successfully helped thousands of people align with their life missions and soul's purposes.

Ever since he was a child, Jerry has been in touch with his gifts and connection with the spiritual realms. He has had many extraordinary out-of-body experiences that have enabled him to heal and awaken others in a profound way. Jerry is a spirit-whisperer and healer gifted with unique ability of empathy and sharp clairvoyance. These skills are enhanced by his ability to see auras, read and scan holographic energy in the etheric field. He also has the ability to transcend time and space to see energy transference between people.  Jerry uses visualizations and angelic beings to assist in achieving physical health and emotional well-being. He removes interference, blockages and implants from negative entities (including regressive ETs) during his healing sessions. He clears and repairs chakras, including opening the third eye, and activates the soul’s DNA to help the body embody a higher vibration. 

Jerry’s healing gifts have been tested and measured. He was tested with a  Brain mapping machine QEET and Jerry’s brainwaves have the ability to reside in Theta and High Beta waves at the same time. He can also go into Gamma wave, which is the highest known brainwave frequency that has the ability to connect to the client’s thoughts telepathically and perform instantaneous healing.

Currently Jerry is teaching a class called Becoming a Master through Living in Your Temple.  This class helps explain how one can become a master of their own body Temple by learning to work with their individual light essence.

Jerry is writing a book called The Duality Of The Soul And the Spirit. The book gives insights and details about how the Mind, Soul and Spirit have different methodologies on healing the human body when it becomes ill.

Jerry is a conscious evolved spirit and bridges metaphysics and science. He reconnects his clients to the divine source energy within to enhance spiritual growth and quality of life. He has dedicated his life to helping and teaching people who are seeking healing, guidance and answers.

 Please Note: All bookings are set in Pacific Time (PDT), as Jerry is working from Southern California. Please schedule your sessions accordingly by comparing your time zones here


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